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Letter from Patrick Duffy

Dear NSA Parents,

I’m winding up my first 90 days as President and CEO of Nevada School of the Arts. SO AMAZING!

I am so honored to have met some of you, and even more flattered to watch your children, our students, learn from our faculty. The faculty cares deeply about your student’s time spent in lessons with them, and cares about them after the lessons, instilling the important post lesson recipe….PRACTICE!!! And, the students show up the next week, they practiced, they learn, it shows.

On July 7, 2018 Nevada School of the Arts will turn 41 years young, kept young because of curiosity and discipline of musical education. Over 20,000 students have passed through NSA and are now professionals, many in medicine, engineering, public service and artists in the musical world locally and nationally. Congratulations parents!

In Clark County we have over 320,000 students enrolled in CCSD. Many would LOVE to attend NSA, but only a few can. You are the respected parents of those few. Thank you!
As we begin our 2018/2019 calendar we must look in the rear-view mirror of our history here at NSA.

Over four years ago we last increased our tuition, and now, comes the time we must enlist a tuition increase, simply due to the costs of our times.

I could go into a list of expenses that have increased however, at the sake of keeping your confidence, please be aware we are a very efficiently run not-for-profit organization. Our faculty delivers richness in teaching, while NSA is very frugal in its spending. Simply put, you would be proud…

Let me share with you the tuition increases and please be aware, this is a need, not a want on the schools behalf;

Tuition and Fees
30 minute lessons – $40.00
45 minute lessons – $60.00
60 minute lessons – $75.00
Yearly Registration Fee – $20.00 per student, $30 per family
Service charge for payment plan – $12.00
10% discount to families of two siblings or more; 2nd and 3rd siblings in the family will receive 10% discount.

Thank you for your confidence, understanding and trust you place in Nevada School of the Arts.

Yours with respect,

Patrick Duffy
President and CEO
Nevada School of the Arts