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Financial Aid

Financial Aid Guidelines

The following information is provided to assist students, parents and faculty members in understanding the financial aid policies of the Nevada School of the Arts. Limited financial assistance will be available to students who exhibit commitment and potential.

General Policies

To be considered for the following academic year, applications for financial aid for continuing NSA students must be submitted no later than September 1. Application for new students may be submitted at the same time as continuing students.

Any award will be credited only for the principal area of study.

Financial aid is normally granted for both the Fall and Spring Semesters. Any aid granted is applied as a credit to the student’s account on a per lesson basis. Renewal for the Spring Semester is contingent upon the student’s successful completion of the Fall Semester and the availability of scholarship funds.

Reduction of lesson length will not be allowed after the reward has been granted. Any increase in lesson length during the year will not result in a proportionate increase in the award.

Students who withdraw prior to the completion of a semester will have 100% of their awards revoked and will be charged in full for all lessons scheduled, and /or taken up to the time of the school’s  receipt of a written withdrawal request.

The acceptance of financial assistance from Nevada School of the Arts carries with it an obligation on the part of the student to attend lessons on a regular basis and to work diligently on making progress n his/her principal area of concentration. Financial aid may be withdrawn at anytime if, in the opinion of the principal teacher and the Dean, the recipient fails to commit to the minimum standards which are expected by the teacher and Nevada School of the arts. The receipt of aid once does not guarantee assistance in the future.

Recipients of financial and merit scholarships are required to perform in the school’s end-of-term recitals. In addition, they may be asked to perform on behalf of the school either as a soloist or as part of an ensemble or to assist in school events appropriate for their age and ability.

Recipients will be asked to sign a letter of agreement accepting the financial aid and return it within two weeks of notification of the award. Financial aid is not available during the summer session.

Financial Aid Programs

Merit-Based Financial Aid Awards


Nevada School of the Arts is committed to providing high quality music education that is affordable and available to the widest possible audience.

Limitations in the amount of aid available may mean that not every talented student with a demonstrated need can be helped. All applications received will be considered equally and the school will assist as many students as possible.

All applicants must submit an application and a copy of the family’s most recent federal tax return.  All information submitted will be kept in strict confidence.