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Faculty and Staff


In addition to formal preparation for teaching and performance, faculty members possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in music both locally and nationally. Nevada School of the Arts faculty members are selected through a demonstrated teaching audition and on the basis of their abilities to provide quality instruction to students of all ages.


Patrick Duffy – President and CEO
Cary Alderucci – Director of Grants and Major Gifts
Pat Barnes – Executive Administrator
Christian Garcia – Director of Marketing and Logistics

Karl Reinarz – Director, Traditional Strings
Ioana Weathers – Director, Suzuki Talent Education Program
Raja Rahman – Director, Piano Studies
Adam Schroeder – Director, School of JAZZ@NSA
Larry Aberman – Assistant Director, School of JAZZ@NSA
Justin DiCioccio – Artistic Adviser, School of JAZZ@NSA


VIOLIN – Dr. Ferenc Cseszko, Shakeh Ghoukasian, Tanya Hambourg, Jennifer Hellewell, Karen Kelley, Eric McAllister, Karl Reinarz, Mary Straub, Ioana Weathers, Kelly Wilcock

VIOLA – Dr. Ferenc Cseszko, Tanya Hambourg, Jennifer Hellewell, Karl Reinarz

CELLO – Amanda AndreasenChristian Garcia, Elena Kapustina, Robin Reinarz, Lindsey Springer

CONTRABASS – Paul Firak, Steve Flora

FLUTEDr. Carmella Cao

SAXOPHONE – Julian Tanaka

BASSOON – Dr. Ashlea Sheridan

TRUMPET – Tom Wright

TROMBONE – Dr. Jessica Hawthorne

HARP – Tara Ogden-Skousen

GUITAR – Kasey Carmody

ORGAN – Dr. Paul Hesselink

PIANO – Maria Kolesnyk, Cindy Lee, Raja Rahman, Martha Sparks, Cheryl Thornton

PERCUSSION Larry Aberman, Dr. Rachel Julian


CHAMBER MUSIC – Ferenc Cseszko, Christian Garcia, Shakeh Ghoukasian, Karl Reinarz

PREPARATORY ORCHESTRA – Ioana Weathers, director

INTERMEZZO – Karl Reinarz, director

CHAMBER ORCHESTRA – Dr. Charles Cushinery, director

SCHOOL OF JAZZ@NSA Larry Aberman, Justin DiCioccio, Steve Flora, Uli Geissendoerfer, Jorge Machain, Carlos Mata, Adam, Schroeder, Julian Tanaka

SUZUKI TALENT EDUCATION PROGRAMAmanda AndreasenChristian Garcia, Shakeh Ghoukasian, Tanya Hambourg, Jennifer Hellewell, Karen Kelley, Robin Reinarz, Martha Sparks, Lindsey Springer, Mary Straub, Ioana Weathers

COLLABORATIVE PIANO – Jae Ahn-Benton, Karalyn Clark, Maria Kolesnyk, Cindy Lee, Michelle Lee