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In-Person Experience
Wednesdays 3:00p-5:00p
14 Sessions, 1 Concert
Tuition: $250/semester
No Audition Required

The School of Jazz@NSA Fall 2021 semester starts September 8th with LIVE, in-person combo classes! Classes are held each Wednesday afternoon from 3 – 5 pm on our beautiful campus.  The semester will conclude on Wednesday, December 15th with a concert open to the public.

Enrollment is still open so tell your friends!!!

INCENTIVES for our Enrolled Student body

Each enrolled student will earn credits towards Summer Jazz Intensive (SJI) 2021. Should an enrolled student show up consistently to every combo and history course offering, SJI 2021 is on the house. Attendance is mandatory and School of JAZZ@NSA faculty will keep strict records. If an enrolled student does not attend all of the course offerings, we will determine how many credits are earned (monetary discount) toward SJI 2021, based upon their attendance.

Teaching Life Through Music

School of JAZZ@NSA is unique in its identity because we ‘Teach Life Through Music.’ We want to build great musicians but most of all; we strive to build people of great character. By promoting the connection between hearts, minds and cultural diversity, School of JAZZ@NSA carries out our community-based initiative, actively engaging like-minded jazz students of all ages in our exciting, interdisciplinary, small group combo educational program.

School of JAZZ@NSA strives to excite, inspire, and educate through hands on, performance based, jazz improvisational techniques and history courses. This curriculum is designed to develop the serious future professional jazz musician as well as the budding amateur. In keeping with the rich tradition of Jazz, our mentorship displays the highest integrity and musical standards this music has historically shown. Jazz is, and has always been, about the amalgamation of our diverse spirits and souls and here at School of JAZZ@NSA, everyone is welcome.

In unity and celebration, School of JAZZ@NSA continues to enrich lives, develop future community leaders with artistic sensitivity and contribute to the fabric of jazz education here in Las Vegas. Our commitment is the protection what we hold dear; the well being and growth of our beloved students and most of all, our community as a whole, through which we achieve our mission of “Teaching Life Through Music.

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School of JAZZ@NSA Faculty

Justin DiCioccio
Artistic Advisor

Adam Schroeder

Larry Aberman
Assistant Director

Steve Flora

Jakubu Griffin

Charles McNeal

Jorge Machain

Carlos Mata

Rashawn Ross

Lara Vivian Smith

Julian Tanaka

Community Partners with The Las Vegas Jazz Society