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collagensa_string_fest_crvJanuary 30, 2016

NSA StringFest is open to all string students in Clark County grades K – 12. Each recital will be organized according to a particular teacher’s studio but can also include additional students when specific scheduling is necessary. Each recital needs not be organized according to grade level.

Registration Information:

Registration opens January 4, 2016 and closes January 15, 2016
Deadlines and fees will be strictly observed.  No late entrees or fees will be allowed.
Registration is STRICTLY ELECTRONIC.  No entry forms submitted by mail will be accepted.


Registration Fee is $15 PER STUDENT.  Please send one check per studio.   Payments should be collected by the teacher from each student.  Checks submitted by students will not be accepted and will not be entered into the festival.

All checks for registrants should be made payable to Nevada School of The Arts c/o StringFest.
Checks should addressed as follows:

Attn: StringFest
Nevada School of The Arts
401 South 4th Street, Suite 125
Las Vegas, NV 89101

How To Register:

Teachers interested in entering their studios can submit their request to StringFest@NSAMusic.org.   Registration forms will be sent via email the day registration opens.  The registration form is a direct link to the NSA String Fest database.  Each entry will be submitted through the form included in the email.  Upon submitting their student, the submitting teacher will receive a conformation email from NSA that their student has been entered in the festival.  A copy of student’s registration will be included in the email and can be kept for records.


  1. Repertoire is the choice of each entrant. Two pieces are acceptable where time limits allow.
  2. Only classical repertoire will be accepted.
  3. Cuts in solo repertoire will be allowed, cadenzas are encouraged but not required, and cuts in “tutti’s” are strongly encouraged.
  4. Repertoire time limits will be adhered according to the grade level of student:

Grades K-4:  5 Minute Limit
Grades 5 & 6:  7 Minute Limit
Grades 7 & 8:  10 Minute Limit
Grades 9 & 10:  12 Minute Limit
Grades 11 & 12:  15 Minute Limit


There will be ratings of Superior, Excellent, and Needs Improvement. There will be a box to check for “Honors With Distinction”. A special award will go to the “Honors With Distinction” and trophies will be given at the end of 3 years participation and does not need to be consecutive years.

There will be one comment sheet and one judge per entrant. There can be multiple judges per recital to allow time for writing comments. There will only be comments and no categories for numerical accounting.  There will be suggestions for evaluations such as intonation, rhythmic accuracy, stylistic correctness, right and left hand postures, and overall musicianship.

Register Here

Registration Opens
January 4. 2016